Angelo Gilardino - A Salute from New York
David Leisner and students from the Manhattan School of Music


  • Del rosato albeggiare for Guitar and Piano.
    Gulli Bjornsson, guitarist; Chen-Shen Fan, pianist

  • Ocram for solo guitar.
    David Leisner, guitar

  • Feste lontane for Guitar Quartet.
    Yen Lee, Joao Luiz, Alessio Olivieri, Lucas Pullin, guitarists.


 Bèrben, Italia BerCD 843. Order your copy at

"Del rosato albeggiare" and a Guitar Quartet - Feste lontane - have been rendered with such a depth and such a skill to leave me speachless: I can't believe these are students, and if so, what have yet to learn. ... May I confess - shamelessly - that I feel proud of having written music which - when performed at this level - makes me forgetting - when I listen to it - of being its author, and turns me into a careful, appreciative listener.


Angelo Gilardino

Operapert Duo:

Spanish Popular Songs - Venetian Boat Songs - Neapolitan Songs

Operaperta Duo : Elisa Ramon, voice / Alessio Olivieri, guitar


The debut album of Operaperta Duo performing a selection of Popular Songs and Romances from Spain, Venice and Neaples. Including music by Garcia Lorca, Myer, Bellini, Di Capua, Cottrau.

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