Alessio is an active freelance music engraver and proofreader.

His credentials include a Master of Music in Music Publishing from the Conservatory "Cesare Pollini" in Padova (Italy) and an internship for the editorial department of the prestigious Boosey & Hawkes in NYC.  


Services provided:


- Music typesetting (engraving)

- Professional score and parts preparation, specially for publishing purpose

- Proofreading and correction

- Scores digitalizing


The score and part preparation sevice in particularly useful for those - like professional or amateur composers and music arrangers - who want to give to their music scores a professional and clean layout. The result of this process will be professional finished music scores/parts, ready to be published.


Alessio's major clients include Boosey & Hawkes NYC and Mark Delpriora.


Open BERIO's Black is the color (exercise)
Click to open Ligeti's Concerto (exercise)

"...Alessio was not only a talented musician and worker, but he was one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. His maturity, positive attitude, and no-nonsense approach to work were beneficial to the entire department. I recommend him highly...".


Randa Kirshbaum 

Director, Editorial 

Boosey & Hawkes NYC



"Alessio is an accurate and conscientious music copyist. He is a pleasure to work with and has taken on very difficult work with positive attitude. I recommend him highly".


David Nadal

Editor at Boosey & Hawkes, NYC



"...His work in the Sibelius notation program showed great skill and a good assimilation of the rules and traditions of music engraving. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a good and conscientious music engraver for a project...". 


Hayes Biggs

Theory Faculty at

Manhattan School of Music, NYC

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